Gifts for Gun Lovers Ideas and Guide

Do you have a gun lover in your life and you can’t decide what you gift would be best for them? Whether it is a Christmas gift, birthday gift or any type of gift, there are plenty of options when it comes to getting a great gift for someone who is really into their guns.

The nice thing is that there are even gift ideas for people who don’t know much about guns or don’t know the specifics on what the person may need or want for their guns. In this case you could choose a simple present like a gun magazine subscription, a shooting shirt, or shooting targets.

Check out all the gifts for gun lovers below to find the perfect present.

Best Gifts for Gun Lovers

Reactive Splatter Targets – Glow ShotTriple Silhouette Splatterburst TargetReactive Multi-Color GlowShot Targets

It used to be that shooting targets were boring and dull with a simple silhouette of a man on them, but nowadays you can get all kinds of different targets from Zombies to neon splatter ones.

Shooting targets make a great gift for anyone who likes to go to the range often and shoot their guns. Believe me, that you can never have enough shooting targets and having a variety of different ones allows you to work on your shooting skills in different ways.

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Gun Cleaning Kits

If you are not sure exactly the type of firearms that the person you are buying the gift for has, then choose a universal gun cleaning kit that can be used on just about any type of gun. There are several different kits that you can pick as it all depends on how large the kit is and what exact tools it has.

Otis Elite Complete Gun Cleaning SystemOtis Elite Complete Gun Cleaning System

Outers Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Outers Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Basic gun cleaning kits are a nice alternative to a more expensive kit and most of the time a basic one is all the person really needs.

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Gun Cases and Bags

If your gun lover goes to the range a lot or carries their gun with them to and from a job or anything of that sort, then a gun case or bag may be the perfect gift. A good quality gun bag can be a real nice surprise to show off at the range.

Plano Single Scoped or Double Non-Scoped Rifle CasePlano Single Scoped or Double Non-Scoped Rifle Case

Galati Gear Deluxe Pistol CaseGalati Gear Deluxe Pistol Case

Double Rifle Case (multiple colors available)Double Rifle Case (multiple colors available)

Gun bags and cases are going to be slightly different when it comes to the pockets and quality of the material they are made from. Buying a good quality one is a much better decision than playing it cheap since you want to make sure the gun is protected and the person has plenty of room for their accessories as well.

Gun Magazine Subscription

If you know the person is really into firearms but you aren’t sure what they have or what they need, then a gun magazine subscription sounds like the perfect choice.

Guns and Ammo is the most popular magazine as it not only shows off new guns that hit the market but also has articles on things like improving your shooting, gun storage tips, and detailed information on all kinds of different accessories for guns.

For hunters and outdoors people you can also check out Field and Stream as it is rated pretty high and seems to be popular with hunters.

Gun Holsters

gun holsterA new gun holster can be a wish come true for some gun owners especially ones that have their concealed carry licenses and carry their gun on them on a daily basis. You can choose from a few different holsters from a waistband one to a leg one depending on what you think would be most comfortable for the person.

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Cool Gun Accessories

There really are all sorts of cool different gun accessories that you can buy a gun enthusiast. A new scope or flashlight for a gun can really be an awesome gift for a gun lover. There are also other accessories that are popular such as gun straps and grips.

UTG Compact IE Tactical Range ScopeUTG Compact IE Tactical Range Scope

NcStar Pistol and Rifle Led FlashlightNcStar Pistol and Rifle Led Flashlight

Tactical Grip Glove for GlockTactical Grip Glove for Glock

With these accessories you should probably have an idea of what the person needs for their gun and the type of gun they have to make sure you buy the right accessory. You could always hint at what type of accessory they still need to give you an idea of the perfect one to buy.

Shooting, Gun, or Hunting Shirts

Depending on what the person uses their gun for, you could always get them a shirt to show their enthusiasm about their guns. There are plenty of shirts that relate to hunting (duck, deer, etc…), shooting at the range or just a general love of guns and their right to bear them.

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This makes a nice inexpensive gift for someone who you know likes their firearms but you aren’t sure exactly what types they have as well as what they would even need.

More Great Gift Ideas

There are plenty of other great gifts for gun owners such as shooting glasses, earmuffs, and ammo storage cans. If you really want to show your appreciation with your gift then you can even spring for a nice gun safe or locker for the person as well.

Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff (best seller)Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff (best seller)

Remington Shooting Glasses (multiple colors)Remington Shooting Glasses (multiple colors)

100 Round Flip-Top Ammo Box (more colors available)100 Round Flip-Top Ammo Box (more colors available)

Gunvault Multi Gun Standard Gun Safe Gunvault Multi Gun Standard Gun Safe


There are lots of different gift ideas presented here and just about any of them would be absolutely loved by a gun enthusiast. Try to find an item that you think they would really want and it fits in your budget and you will no doubt put a smile on the gift receiver’s face that may not go away for a long time.

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